About us

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vade.io was founded by Alexander Adam in 2015. Through the successful cooperation in various projects, partnerships with freelancers and other companies in Switzerland have formed.
Therefore, vade.io sees itself as a network of freelancers and companies.

In the heart of Switzerland

vade.io has found its home in the canton of Zug, the heart of Switzerland, which is also known to those interested in technology as the "Crypto Valley". The proximity to Zurich, with its flourishing start-up scene and large companies such as SwissCom, make the location ideal for working with partners.

About the name vade.io

Information technology is always on the move. Companies are therefore dependent on investing in new technologies and abandoning inefficient processes in order to be competitive. When choosing a name, the aim was to capture this technological change in a concise manner. And since change is often only initiated by taking the first step towards the future, vade is the imperative of the word vadēre (to go).

I go, walk, rush
Vāde mēcum.
Go with me.

The top-level domain .io belongs to the British Indian Ocean Territory. In information technology, the abbreviation IO or I/O is also used for input / output (input and output).
vade.io is about openly approaching good, new technologies (in) but also successfully leaving technological legacy (out).
Modern technologies are constantly evolving. Every day, some technologies are becoming obsolete and others are just being established right now.
This change determines the information age.
vade.io supports companies in coping with this change in partnership.